We Want to Showcase Your Sustainable Farming Practices


Over the past 35 years, U.S. cotton growers have made major strides to improve the environmental impact of growing cotton. Kicking off on Earth Day, we’d like to celebrate these farms and the work U.S. cotton producers put in each day. As the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol™, we are calling on U.S. cotton growers to submit your own pictures or video that you believe best represents all the hard work you do to grow your cotton sustainably. We will reshare some of our favorites on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram weekly, as well as feature them on our website at www.trustuscotton.org!

Follow these steps for the chance to be featured on the Trust Protocol’s social media pages and website:

  • Using your smartphone or tablet, send us a photo or video of your cotton operation that embodies your sustainable practices for growing cotton.
  • Please include a brief backstory of your photo or video and any references to your sustainability story.
  • Include the name of your farm and photographer (including usernames) so we can give you credit.

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Deepika Mishra

Sustainability Consultant

Deepika Mishra is a passionate, innovative, enthusiastic scientist with demonstrated ability to lead and collaborate worldwide in the development of novel life sciences technologies and techniques to enhance sustainable agriculture to have a true impact that addresses challenges of climate change. She works as a sustainability consultant for the National Cotton Council and Cotton Council International.