Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

The Trust Protocol was designed to set a new standard in sustainable cotton production where full transparency is a reality and continuous improvement to reduce environmental footprint is the central goal.
The Trust Protocol’s mission is to bring quantifiable and verifiable goals and measurement to the key sustainability metrics of U.S. cotton production.

Our Mission

Our Core Values

The Trust Protocol’s core values include a commitment to U.S. cotton’s legacy of authenticity, innovation and excellence, environmental stewardship, caring of people, and personal and corporate integrity.

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol’s Theory of Change includes the program’s mission, vision and core values, and is grounded on science-based measurement and feedback. It contains information on how the Trust Protocol operates – from farm to fabric – and the membership journey.

Deepika Mishra

Sustainability Consultant

Deepika Mishra is a passionate, innovative, enthusiastic scientist with demonstrated ability to lead and collaborate worldwide in the development of novel life sciences technologies and techniques to enhance sustainable agriculture to have a true impact that addresses challenges of climate change. She works as a sustainability consultant for the National Cotton Council and Cotton Council International.