Merchants and Cooperatives

The U.S. cotton industry has traditionally led the world in innovation, quality and responsible stewardship, but there is little awareness for the work that been done to produce more sustainably grown cotton. As the demand for more sustainably produced products increases, the U.S. cotton industry needs to be able to show past and future commitments to sustainability.

What is the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol?

The Trust Protocol sets a new standard for more sustainably grown cotton. It will communicate and verify U.S. cotton’s leading sustainability practices through sophisticated data collection, independent third-party verification, and commit to a more sustainable cotton future.

The Trust Protocol’s cotton sustainability credentials are proven via Field to Market, measured through its proprietary Fieldprint® Calculator. We have also taken the added step of verifying our data by using an experienced and trusted third party verification company, Control Union Certifications.

The U.S. Trust Protocol® utilizes a Trackable Equivalency Program for record keeping to audit U.S. Trust Protocol cotton sales.

The Trust Protocol provides brands and retailers the critical assurances they need from U.S. cotton as they seek to purchase sustainable cotton.

For mills and manufacturers, it provides the transparency in the supply chain that brands and retailers are increasingly demanding.

For growers, the Trust Protocol enables them to demonstrate sustainable stewardship and support their drive for continuous improvement.

By becoming a participant in the Trust Protocol, you – merchants and cooperatives – will earn a competitive advantage to sell your cotton over others’.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with the following merchant and cooperative members.

The value merchants and cooperatives bring to the Trust Protocol

As a fundamental contributor to the U.S. cotton industry, merchants and cooperatives play a critical role in the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol’s success often acting as the vital link between the mills and manufacturers and the aggregators, gins and growers. As member brands and retailers are requesting orders for Trust Protocol cotton, merchants and cooperatives need to know how to source it for the mills and manufacturers.
You can:

    • Help enroll growers to the Trust Protocol 
    • Assist Trust Protocol growers in completing the Fieldprint analysis
    • Support growers during the second and third party verification processes
    • Communicate the benefits and advantages of Trust Protocol cotton to mills and manufacturers

Your Benefits

As a member of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, you will be an essential part of the Trust Protocol’s ability to show transparency throughout the supply chain and ultimately provide your end users the critical assurances they need to prove that the fiber they source and sell is more sustainable. By becoming a member, you are unlocking a powerful system that gives you an advantage to sell your cotton to mills and manufacturers and meet the needs of brands and retailers.

Sustainable and Risk-Free, Guaranteed

How does the Trust Protocol support you?

The Trust Protocol is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as the G7 Fashion Pact, the UNFCCC Fashion Industry Charter, the Sustainable Cotton Challenge and the Forum for the Future: Cotton 2040 goals.

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